Explore construction vehicles and their roles on a construction site.

Construction Vehicles

for grades K-3

Learn about different types of vehicles used by the military.

Military Vehicles

for grades K-3

Take a look at a variety of rescue vehicles.

Rescue Vehicles

for grades K-3

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Artists Helping Children always has great ideas on their website. Here’s a list of crafts involving trucks:

Here’s a great idea for giving kids a STEM challenge – build a bridge that can hold a toy truck. There are a few different ideas out there for this. Here are a few:

Here’s a cute idea for using letter rocks and dump trucks to practice spelling words.

There is a museum devoted to tanks called, you guessed it, The Tank Museum. It’s located in England, but you can view some interesting things on their website – They even have a YouTube channel.

The U.S. Army has a web page where you can learn about the different vehicles they use and jobs related to them.

Enchanted Learning has loads of activities involving fire trucks.

There’s a free fire safety activity featuring a fire truck from Teachers Pay Teachers.

For true firefighting enthusiasts, the City of Chicago has a glossary of terms used by the Chicago Fire Department online.

This video gives a little taste of what an AAV can do. (My son would’ve loved this video when he was younger.)

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