Monkeys with red faces and pale fur in a steaming lake

12 Epic Animal Adventures

for grades 3-6

Readers will take an armchair tour of 12 epic animal adventures, including endangered mammals on the Okavango Delta in Africa, unique animals on the Galapagos Islands, goats that climb the trees in Morocco to eat fruit, monkeys that soak in hot springs in Japan, and more.

Explore More...

Watch a short video from National Geographic called Welcome to Stingray City.

Learn about monarchs, participate in community science, and explore other materials at Monarch Watch.

Explore all the species of animals found on the Galapagos at Go Galapagos or World Wildlife Fund.

Learn more about little blue penguins through the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Check out the Sea Turtle Conservancy for information about leatherbacks and other sea turtles.

Watch some bear cams at Katmai National Park.

Learn more about whale sharks from the Florida Museum.

There are some great info sheets and activities at the International Rhino Foundation.

Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation is chock full of interesting things about bats.

Having respect for animals makes us better humans.
~ Jane Goodall ~