Explore Atoms and Molecules! book cover

Explore Atoms and Molecules!

for grades 1-5+

Looking for fun ways to explore the chemistry of atoms and molecules? You’ve found it!

Werewolf standing on a scale

Werewolves and States of Matter

for grades 3-9

What can werewolves teach us about the states of matter? Find out in this graphic novel style science book.

Monkeys with red faces and pale fur in a steaming lake

12 Epic Animal Adventures

for grades 3-6

Take an armchair tour of 12 epic animal adventures around the world.


race cars side-by-side on a track

12 Epic Races

for grades 3-6

Explore 12 epic racing events that take place around the world.

Rider on racing motorcycle leaning close to the track

Superfast Motorcycle Racing

for grades 2-5

MotoGP is one of the fastest sports in the world. Learn about its history, equipment, and more in this book.

swimmer lifting out of the water doing the butterfly stroke

The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Sports Technology

for grades 3-6

Explore the 12 technology breakthroughs that had the biggest impact on sports.

visual of a sports helmet

Sports Science and Technology in the Real World

for grades 3-6

Did you ever wonder what scientists and engineers have to do with sports and athletes? Read this book to find out.

photo of Mariano Rivera, smiling

12 Immigrants Who Made American Sports Great

for grades 3-6

Learn about 12 immigrants who had huge impacts on America’s sporting world.

group of men with an American flag

History's Forgotten War Stories

for grades 3-6

Throughout history, some stories have almost been lost. Read this book to rediscover some forgotten war stories.

Road to Upper and Lower Canada book cover

Road to Upper and Lower Canada

for grades 5-7

Written for the Canadian education market, this book explores the history around the creation of Upper and Lower Canada.

Engineering the Eiffel Tower

for grades 3-6

Explore Gustave Eiffel’s most famous achievement.


for grades 6-12+

Want to learn more about the science of the miniscule? Start with this book.

Coding 1, 2, 3

for grades K-2

This book was written so beginning readers can learn about coding by themselves.

Coding Creations

for grades 4-8

This book explores coding through creations using Scratch.

person wearing headphones in front of a video game screen

Video Game Coding

for grades 4-7

Did you ever wonder what life is like for a video game coder? Read this book to get a glimpse into their world.

Construction Vehicles

for grades 1-4

Explore construction vehicles and their roles on a construction site.

Military Vehicles

for grades 1-4

Learn about different types of vehicles used in the military.

Big red fire truck.

Rescue Vehicles

for grades 1-4

Take a look at the variety of rescue vehicles.

The Secret Lives of Plants! with illustrated plants around title

The Secret Lives of Plants!

for grades 3-9+

This graphic-novel style science book is packed with information about plants from photosynthesis to reproduction.

What Causes a Rainbow?

for grades K-3

Discover the conditions that cause rainbows and try and experiment.

blue sky with puffy white clouds

What Makes the Sky Blue?

for grades K-3

Explore the science behind why the sky looks blue.