12-Story Library, Grades 3-6

This book highlights 12 different stories related to war and the military that have been largely overlooked. There are so many more out there; it was difficult to choose which stories would go in this book.

The cover shows the Choctaw code talkers from World War I - the original code talkers.

Click on the book cover to visit the 12-Story Library web site - there are lots of links and social media feeds related to the book to peruse there.

Beech Street Books, Grades 5-7

This book was written for the Canadian educational market. I learned a lot about American history by researching Canadian history. Below are some web sites I found particularly interesting on both American and Canadian sides of the story.

Related Web Sites and Activities

Did you know that the first people to settle in Illinois were French? The Illinois State Museum has an At Home on the Heartland site where you can explore the history of Illinois, starting with those first French settlers.

The Library of Congress has a France in America site that has lots of documents, images, and stories that tell the history of the French in America from the 16th through the 19th centuries.

The U.S. Office of the Historian had a web site called Milestones. Sadly, it is no longer maintained, but you can still see what was posted before the web site was retired. The time period 1750-1775 included the French and Indian War/Seven Years' War.

The McCord Museum has tons of artifacts you search through and look at online. These items help tell the story of the history of Canada.

Mackinac State Historic Parks is a collection of historic sites in Michigan - there are lots of sites to visit here. There are things you can explore online, but I think the most fun would be going there.

You have to know the past to understand the present.
~ Carl Sagan ~