Here are some resources related to my books that teachers may find useful. To start, here is a chart showing the reading levels for the various books.

Explore Atoms & Molecules!

Here is a free activity, called "Point a Masterpiece." Additional prompts to use before, during, and after reading, as well as standards covered in this book are available from the Nomad Press website.

Rourke Books

For downloadable resources to support guiding reading exercises, click on the appropriate cover image.

Focus Readers from North Star Editions

Focus Readers offers free teacher resources for their books. They include a lesson plan, lists of standards covered, a quiz for after reading the book, and additional websites to view. Select the appropriate book cover for information related to that title.

ABDO Core Library Books

ABDO’s Core Library Connection has resources for their core library books. This includes downloadable activities related to the books, as well as some websites with related activities/topics. Select the book cover to go to the appropriate page.

The Secret Lives of Plants!

There's a great lesson plan called "Bloom Where You're Planted" from Florida State University that could be used with this book.

For other related books to read, check out this list from Longwood Gardens.

This book was included in a booklet - Resources for the Creative Educator - produced by STEAM-Powered Classroom. It's chock full of other resources you might want to look into.


There is a nanotechnology lesson plan for high schoolers at TeachEngineering.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative has a web page full of resources for K-12 teachers.

Included in that list is this list of nanotechnology lesson plans on TryNano from IEEE.

Book cover for Nanotechnology

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